Apartment suites for best budget rental price rate in Odessa

The Renaissance Suites Odessa apartments, is an exclusive private complex of secure, luxury suites, located in a quiet court-yard, right in the very center of Odessa. For many years, guests have been experiencing our elegant and exclusive apartment suites and outstanding services. RSO apartments offers you the luxury and security of a top hotel at a fraction of the price, and experiencing the complete privacy of your apartment suite.

In Odessa, Ukraine, apartments offer greater privacy than hotels. The RSO apartment suites has been providing quality accommodation in Odessa since 2004. RSO apartment suites is committed to providing guests a carefree stay in our elegant and secure RSO apartments Complex, while offering best possible services.


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Odessa RSO Apartments

Listed below are some of the facilities and services you can expect at
the RSO apartment suites

Hotel Apartments RSO Services in Odessa Ukraine

All RSO apartment suites offer FREE Direct Dial Telephone Calls to Europe, the USA (Land-lines and Cell Phones), Canada (L+C), Australia, to Moscow and Sint Petersburg. Telephone calls to other countries may be made at a modest service fee.

Free direct telephone calls in RSO Hotel Apartment Suites

PC + Free High-Speed Cable Internet plus Wi-Fi  is available to guests in all Suites.

RSO sauna

The RSO Apartment Sauna
is available for the exclusive use
of our guests

Satellite TV and Air Conditioning are available in all Suites

Satellite TV in all apartments | Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine

Learn more about excellent reasons why RSO Apartments is the smart choice for visitors to Odessa


What are the priorities for travellers to Odessa, Ukraine who want to rent an apartment? As an Irishman who has travelled extensively, and considering that I have owned and operated the RSO apartment complex since 2004, I think that I have a fair idea of what is important for visitors.

  • Central location
  • Security
  • Great facilities
  • Value for money
  • Great service

I believe that we deliver on all of these points and the large volume of RSO repeat customers is in itself an endorsement of what we stand for. Check out our full range of facilities and services http://renaissancesuitesodessa.com/about.html to see why RSO is the #1 choice those wanting to rent an apartment in Odessa, Ukraine.

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